Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon, Citrus Limon

An evergreen tree of the rutaceae family that can reach a height of 6 metres.
The area of origin of this particular oil is in the north of Sicily, in Capo D’Orlando. The variety of fruit is the Lemon Femminello.
The essential oil is extracted by cold pressing of the fruit peels.
Fresh and sparkling fragrance with sour notes.

Quantity: 8 ml
Origin: Sicily
Cultivation: organic
Pressing: Sicily
Internal use: Yes
Warnings: phototoxic

Natural flavour for food



Lemon Essential Oil (citrus limonum), a symbol of light. It is reminiscent of the golden apples that grew in the garden of the Hesperides, located in the west, and defended by the dragon Ladon; apples that were then stolen by Hercules.

Disclosure information:

 cosa dice la scienzaThe Ministry of Health recognises its beneficial effects on digestive function and gastrointestinal motility. Carminative.

Salute e Benessere

Used in naturopathy through local massage, against headaches, to improve microcirculation, aid digestion, and eliminate lymphatic stagnation. Naturopaths also recommend it to stimulate the immune system, strengthen nails and in case of warts, herpes, infected sores, chilblains.

 Adatto per saponiRecommended by naturopaths to preserve the health of the skin and avoid acne. Mixed with shampoo it is a good remedy for oily hair and has a purifying action as it has an astringent and antibacterial function.

 Apparato digestivoCarminative, antispasmodic and depurative. It has a diuretic action and can provide great relief from dysentery.

 Effetti psicologiciIt has the undisputed property of restoring joy, bestowing the necessary dose of optimism and willpower, favouring prolonged intellectual efforts. A symbol of joy, it increases self-confidence. Eliminates doubts, lack of ideas and tiredness. Valuable aid for study and work as it promotes concentration.

Diffusione nell'ariaWhen diffused in the environment it purifies the air.


Uso in cucinaAn excellent friend in the kitchen, easy to use compared to other more powerful oils. Perfect for creating liqueurs such as limoncello. Versatile, it can be used in pasta dishes, meat and fish dishes and desserts, and is also excellent on vegetables. Try it also in its Essentia spray and Essentia Lemon Leaves version.

Suggested uses:

  • Room diffuser: between 3 and 6 drops in 100 ml of water.
  • Bath: 8 to 10 drops of essential oil emulsified in coarse salt, milk, cream, or honey in hot water (to prevent the oil from evaporating due to the heat).
  • Massage: we recommend diluting 3 to 5 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil. This essential oil makes sensitive to sunlight, be cautious.
  • Cosmetic use: add 3 to 5 drops of the essential oil to a tablespoon of a natural-based moisturiser.
  • Food use: we recommend 3/4 drops per 100g of food to be flavoured and added at the end of cooking (we suggest you always start with the lowest recommended dose and increase the drops in the future). This essential oil also goes very well in certain cocktails.

Warnings: Do not use in case of chronic diseases, during pregnancy and lactation. If in doubt, consult a doctor/naturopath.
This essential oil can sensitise you to sunlight, so be cautious.




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