Box Essentia

Quantity: 50 ml: each bottle guarantees more than 400 sprays
Origin: Santa Bianca
Type of cultivation: organic
Distilled: Santa Bianca




This is a selection of our Essentia Spray Essential Oils contained in a beautiful wooden box made and branded by a craftsman from Pomarance. The box contains 24 bottles of Essentia, our food and cocktails finish.
Perfect to put on the counter, the Box is also very practical during work as it allows you to immediately see the right bottle.
This beautiful box is used by professionals but also by the most passionate at home. Perfume your drink or dish with the combination of your choice or let your guests experience all of our 24 food fragrances.

The Essentia Box contains:
Essentia | Spruce
Essentia | Laurel
Essentia | Dill
Essentia | Bitter Orange
Essentia | Basil
Essentia | Bergamot
Essentia | Cedar
Essentia | Wild fennel
Essentia | Bitter Orange Leaves
Essentia | Mandarin leaves
Essentia | Juniper
Essentia | Lemon
Essentia | Cedar wood
Essentia | Green Mandarin
Essentia | Mint
Essentia | Nutmeg
Essentia | Origan
Essentia | Black pepper
Essentia | Vetiver
Essentia Blend | Waterfall
Essentia Blend | Bitter Orange and Cinnamon
Essentia Blend | Lemon and Marjoram
Essentia Blend | No.4
Essentia Blend | Land


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