Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet Orange
Citrus Sinensis

The Sweet Orange is a tree of smaller dimensions than that of theBitter Orange, its fruit is nutritious, rich in vitamins A, B, C,
Originally from India, it was imported by the Arabs in the 9th century.
The essential oil is obtained by cold pressing the peel.

Amount: 8ml
Origin: Sicily
Cultivation: organic
Internal use:

Natural Flavor for Food



Sweet Orange Essential Oil (citrus sinensis) it is traditionally associated with the sun; expresses and inspires vitality, progressively dissolving tensions, promotes sociability.

Disclosure Information: 

what science saysAccording to the Ministry of Health, it has a digestive function and helps to eliminate air from the intestine.


Health and wellnessAromatherapists suggest taking a few drops dissolved in a spoonful of honey as a febrifuge and to calm headaches.


Diffusion in the airAromatherapists suggest diffusing it in the air to deal with insomnia as it has been observed that it can stimulate the pineal gland, responsible for the production of melatonin which regulates the relationship between sleep and wakefulness, to release tension and purify the air in as it destroys toxins such as the essential oil of Bitter Orange


Suitable for soaps

Naturopaths consider it perfect for rinsing the oral cavity in the presence of mouth ulcers, stomatitis and gingivitis. to purify the lymphatic system and as a tonic for blood circulation, it is used as an ingredient in remedies to reduce cellulite and to combat acne, remember that citrus fruits are generally photosensitive so do not expose yourself to the sun during application.

Digestive system

For aromatherapists Sweet Orange is an abdominal antispasmodic and can help in case of abdominal cramps; aperitif and digestive; useful in case of constipation.


Sweet orange essential oil in the kitchen

An excellent friend in the kitchen, Sweet Orange essential oil is perfect for flavoring EVO oil or butter, syrups, fruit juices and distillates, try it to make your liqueurs or in pastries, it is also very useful for fish and vegetable dishes.


Psychological effectsIn Psycho-aromatherapy it is considered an Essential Oil useful against anxiety and anti-stress.


Suggested uses:

  • Room diffuser: choice between 3 and 6 drops in 100 ml. of water
  • Bath tub: 8/10 drops of essential oil emulsified in coarse salt or milk or cream or honey to put in hot water (used to prevent the oil from volatilizing due to the heat)
  • Massages: we recommend diluting 3/5 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of oil via
  • Food use: we recommend 3/4 drops every 100 gr. of food to be flavored to add at the end of cooking (we suggest always starting from the lowest recommended dose to possibly increase the drops in the future). This essential oil also goes very well in some cocktails.
  • Mouth: a few drops in a glass of water
Warnings: Do not use in case of chronic diseases, pregnant or breastfeeding.
If in doubt, consult a doctor/naturopath.
This essential oil can sensitize you to sunlight, be careful.


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