Starter Kit: Essential Oils

Our bottles contain 8ml of pure 100% Essential Oil and obtained with the utmost care, respecting the times of distillation and maturation.

The kit is supplied in a cardboard box which is also suitable as a gift box.



Want to start using essential oils?

The essential oils they are extracts (roots, flowers, leaves, bark, wood, fruit peel or resin) of plants and trees, obtained by distillation or pressing of the peels (citrus fruits).
Each essential oil has its own specific properties and different uses.
Many essential oils del Podere Santa Bianca are produced directly from our organic crops.
The essential oils of foreign origin are carefully controlled to guarantee a superior quality to that of many essential oils on the market.

Essential Oils can offer valid help in many cases of our lives, there are some oils that are universal and can intervene on many fronts, others instead that have very specific but very powerful effects.

The Santa Bianca Essential Oils Starter Kit contains the 4 oils that, in our opinion, should never be missing in a home or during a trip.

The Essential Oils Starter Kit contains:

true-lavender-essential-oil-1True Lavender (Lavandula Officinalis): symbol of virtue and serenity, it perfumed Egyptian temples and was used in the preparation of ointments.
Panacea for everything and can also be used pure.
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Health and wellness Suitable for soaps Anti-insects Digestive system Psychological effects


Lemon (citrus lemonum) symbol of light, it recalls the golden apples that were born in the garden of the Hesperides, located to the West and defended by the dragon Ladon; apples stolen, then, with deception by Hercules.
Antiseptic, purifier, acts on the digestive system, excellent on the skin.
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Health and wellness Suitable for soaps Digestive system Psychological effects Diffusion in the air Use in the kitchen

Gaulteria/Wintergreen (Gaultheria Fragrant) It comes from Nepal, it is the main ingredient used for the preparation of Tiger balm. Powerful anti-inflammatory and painkiller, ideal for relieving muscle and joint pain, in addition to the analgesic action it is also an antioxidant as it is composed of 95/98% from Methyl Salicylylate.
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Health and wellness suitable for massages Suitable for soaps

essential-oil-tea-tree-1tea tree (Melaleuca Alternanileaf) Symbol of strength and determination, it belongs to the magical-cultural world of the Aborigines and was discovered by Captain Cook during his travels in the southern hemisphere. A powerful antibacterial, it is used to treat a variety of infections.
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Health and wellness Suitable for soaps Digestive system Sunburn Anti-insects


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