Essentia Starter Kit

Essentia products contain 50ml of product and guarantee more than 400 uses.



Are you looking for that extra touch for your drinks or dishes?

Essentia is the Cocktail & Food Finish for you, composed exclusively of a blend of essential oils, organic alcohol and distilled water, our sprays will help you express your ideas to the fullest by flavoring and embellishing your creations.
We cultivate and distill our essential oils in Tuscany in the best possible way in order to guarantee quality and safety in food use.
With Santa Bianca's Essentia sprays, completely natural, you will experience a new way of flavouring.
Very appreciated on cocktails, Essentia is also excellent on food to enhance or contrast the flavors of your creations on the nose.

The Essentia Starter Kit contains the 4 sprays which in our opinion can make you fully understand the potential of our products, you just have to try them and amaze your customers or your guests.

Essentia is perfectly balanced to flavor your creations easily.

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Each bottle contains 50ml of product which guarantee more than 400 uses.

The Essentia Starter Kit contains:

essential oil spraysessence | Bitter Orange: the Essential Oil is obtained by squeezing the peels of the fruit, the citrus notes are accompanied by the bitter ones typical of theBitter Orange. Versatile for any type of drink or dish.
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essential oil sprays

essence | Helichrysum: The Helichrysum is a shrub of the Mediterranean maquis that we cultivate and distillate here in Santa Bianca.
The herbaceous scent with a marked note of licorice makes it pleasant and warm.
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essential oil sprays

essence | Black pepper: An essential spice in the kitchen, the Black pepper it has a penetrating, woody and spicy scent.
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essential oil sprays

Essence Blend | Grapefruit and Basil: Born from an idea of Agostino Perrone, the mix of Grapefruit And Basil it is a fantastic marriage between citrus and herbaceous, try it on your creations to give it an unpredictable and unique touch.
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