Star Anise Essential Oil

Star anise
Illicium Verum

Evergreen tree with a white, long and slender trunk, it can reach 12 meters in height.
Its star-shaped fruits, of organic Vietnamese origin, are steam distilled by us in Santa Bianca, giving a pale yellow essential oil, with a warm, sweet and spicy fragrance.

Amount: 4ml
Origin: Vietnam
Cultivation: organic
Distilled: Santa Bianca
Internal use: Yes

Natural Flavor for Food


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Star Anise (illicium Verum) it is a plant used for over 1300 years in traditional Chinese medicine, an essential spice in the kitchen and bearer of a message of joy.

Disclosure Information:

what science saysThe Ministry of Health recognizes its beneficial effect on the nose and throat; fluidifies bronchial secretions. It has digestive function and regulates gastrointestinal motility. Carminative.


Health and wellnessFor aromatherapists, its properties are many: antispasmodic, antiseptic, stomachic, digestive, aperitif, carminative, stimulant and sedative.


Respiratory system

It is used in aromatherapy as an effective remedy for bronchitis, coughs and colds as it is a good mucolytic.


Digestive system

It is considered by naturopaths as a digestive and antispasmodic, it acts on the entire gastrointestinal tract, favors the elimination of intestinal gas and is effective against halitosis; due to its sedative and astringent function it is effective against nervous diarrhea.


Suitable for soaps

For aromatherapists, thanks to its astringent properties, added to a green clay mask it is useful for oily skin, it is used as an ingredient in remedies against oily hair, itching and dandruff.


Use in the kitchenA very important spice in the kitchen, dilute the essential oil in a fat (EVO oil or butter..) and season your dish at the end of cooking, add it to your smoothies, syrups, jams.. it is such a versatile essence that it will be used in your service to prepare exceptional recipes. Star Anise essential oil is the basis for the preparation of Sambuca, you could try to make your own liqueur by mixing it with alcohol, sugar and water.

Psychological effects

In Psycho-Aromatherapy it is considered an essential oil linked to happiness and joy, it teaches laughter and disinhibits.


Suggested uses:

  • Diffuser: 2/3 drops in 100ml of water
  • Suffumigi: few drops of oe emulsified in salt in hot water. Keep eyes and mouth closed.
  • Bath tub: 8/10 drops of oe Emulsified in coarse salt or milk or cream or honey to put in hot water (it is used to prevent the oil from volatilizing)
  • Massage: we recommend diluting 1/3 drops of oe in a spoonful of oil/via (or cream).
  • Culinary use: we recommend 1/3 drops of oe in 100 ml of food to add at the end of cooking, mixed with a seasoning. (We suggest always starting from the lowest recommended dose, possibly increasing the drops in the future.

Warnings: do not use in case of chronic diseases, in pregnancy, during breastfeeding and in small children.
Attention to people with blood sugar problems and hypertensive subjects, because it increases the absorption of glucose and sodium in the kidneys, with an anti-diuretic effect.
In high doses, star anise has narcotic effects, causing brain disturbances. It also slows down blood circulation.
All information and suggested uses are taken from Aromatherapy manuals.
If in doubt consult a doctor/pharmacist.

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4ml, 8ml


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