Spruce Essential Oil

Picea Abies

Large plant belonging to the coniferous family.
The essential oil is produced by collecting young branches in Alto Adige and distilling them in a current of steam here in Santa Bianca.

The scent is sweet, intense and resinous.

Amount: 4ml
Origin: South Tyrol
Type of Cultivation: from spontaneous collection
Distilled: Santa Bianca
Internal use: Yes

Natural Flavor for Food


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The Spruce (Spruce Abies), the traditional Christmas tree, is widespread in mountainous areas.

Respiratory systemSince the time of Hippocrates the resin has been used to treat lung diseases, flu and colds
Relieves lung congestion and expands breathing by opening the lower lungs. Suitable for smokers.


Fir Essential Oil for Health and WellnessIt is used against arthritis, muscle pain, rheumatism and chronic fatigue syndrome.
Spruce increases courage and self-confidence.


diffusion in the airThanks to its purifying effect, its use is recommended in environments with stagnant or smoky air.


emotional aromatherapyThe Psycho-Aromatherapeutic effect of Spruce essential oil is particularly effective in situations of stress, fatigue and anxiety, it helps to maintain contact with reality by introducing a calm and reflective attitude.


Use in the kitchenSpruce has a wonderful scent, we also offer it as cocktail finish in our Essentia line


Suggested uses:

  • Room diffuser: choice between 3 and 6 drops in 100 ml. of water
  • Suffumigi: 3/4 drops of essential oil emulsified in coarse salt in 1 liter of hot water for 20 minutes. Keep eyes and mouth closed
  • Bath tub: 8/10 drops of essential oil emulsified in coarse salt or milk or cream or honey to put in hot water (used to prevent the oil from volatilizing due to the heat)
  • Massages: we recommend diluting 2/3 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of oil via
  • Cocktail: This essential oil also goes very well in some cocktails, it gives the essence of wood without the smoked part, recommended on important whiskeys.
Warnings: Do not use if you have chronic diseases, are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Do not use on children under 6 years of age.
It can cause skin irritation in some people
All information and suggested uses are taken from aromatherapy manuals.
If in doubt, consult a doctor/naturopath

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