Landscapes | Plains (Concentration)

Amount: 8ml



Landscapes | PLAINS


After all, a walk in the countryside, with the horizon lost over there, having no visual obstacles cleans the mind and strengthens it, thus finding the right goals.

Likewise Plains it helps us find the right center and focus of attention, spread it in the air while you study or work or when you dedicate yourself to your favorite activities that still need the right concentration.

The Synergistic Blend of Essential Oils that we have chosen for Plains it has been analyzed in the laboratory to verify its effectiveness.

Mari, Mountains, Hills And Plains they have been created with evocative olfactory notes, so that each of us can regenerate in our favorite place.

This Blend can be diffused in the air with the diffuser, put in your soaps, used diluted with a carrier oil for relaxing massages or, during this time, placed inside the mask to purify it.

Composed of 100% from essential oil of:


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