Box Painted in Oil (with three video recipes)

The Havana-colored cardboard box hand-stamped with the Santa Bianca – Oli Essenziali logo contains three 50ml bottles of oil painting flavored according to the three recipes described, all embellished by a card with a description of the gift and three QR codes that once framed with a smartphone they will connect to the video recipes on our site.



We have long recommended essential oils as food flavourings, but they are not easy to use due to their intensity.
That's why we created Painting, a line of flavored olive oils, organic, refined, to be used raw or after cooking, very easy to use.

The Dipinto line is composed of a blend of extra virgin olive oil obtained from 400 plants of Santa Bianca flavored with a mix of pure and natural essential oils with 100%

The Oil Painted Box contains three bottles and a card with the QR codes of the three video recipes to inspire you for your dishes!



Example of video recipe




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