Lemon Thyme Essential Oil

lemon thyme
Thymus Citriodorus

Aromatic plant of the laminaceae family
It helps to enjoy every moment of the present with sobriety, instilling a sense of fulfillment and joy.
It is cultivated and distilled in a current of steam from the flowered peaks in Santa Bianca.

Quantity: 4ml
Provenance: Santa Bianca
Cultivation: organic
distilled: Santa Bianca
Internal Use: Yes

Natural flavoring for food


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The essential oil of Lemon Thyme (Thymus Citriodorus) is used above all for its pleasant, fresh and relaxing scent, in fact, in addition to the typical herbaceous scent, it has a very good citrus note.

Disclosure information:

Health and wellnessIn aromatherapy it is considered excellent for eliminating colds, sinusitis, sore throats and febrile states, it is also used against gastritis and intestinal parasites.
Very effective in case of muscle contractions, joint pain, bruises and rheumatism.
Powerful antiseptic and antibacterial.

Use in the kitchenVery good in cooking, try making a flavored butter with a few drops of the essential oil of common thyme, or adding it to extra virgin oil.

Psychological effectsIt is a tonic for psychophysical activities, strengthens the memory, counteracts anxiety and insomnia.

Suggested uses:

  • Home speakers: add 2-3 drops to 100ml of water
  • Steam inhalation: emulsify 3-4 drops of essential oil with coarse salt in 1 l of hot water. Inhale for 20 minutes, keeping your eyes and mouth closed.
  • Bathtub: emulsify 4-5 drops of essential oil with coarse salt — or alternatively milk, cream, or honey — to add to the hot water (so that the oil doesn't evaporate due to the heat)
  • Massages: dilute 1-2 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil.
  • food: we recommend 1-2 drops per 100 gr of food

Warnings: Always use with caution. Do not use in case of chronic diseases, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.
If in doubt, consult a doctor / pharmacist


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