Laurel Water

Laurus Nobilis

The laurel is an evergreen tree that can even reach 20 meters in height. It has shiny leaves and black berries.
The old leaves are harvested in Santa Bianca from late autumn and throughout the winter, discarding the berries and distilling them in a steam stream.
If you boil the berries for a long time, you get an oil used to make Aleppo soap.
It has an intense, leafy and spicy aroma.

Amount: 100ml
Origin: Santa Bianca farm
Type of cultivation: Organic
Distilled: Santa Bianca
Internal use: Yes



The aromatic bay water or hydrolat is distilled together with the essential oil of the plant from the finely chopped leaves collected in winter.

The Greeks and Romans crowned their winners with the laurel (Laurus Nobilis) and they used both the leaves and the berries to treat colic, digestive problems, and fever.

Disclosure Information: 

what science saysThe Ministry of Health recognizes its digestive and carminative function.


In aromatherapy it is used as an anti-inflammatory in particular to relieve rheumatic and arthritic pains.
A study published in 2008 by a consortium of Italian and foreign universities (UNI Calabria, UNI Ferrara, Uni Frankfurt) underlined the antiviral activity ofLaurel essential oilespecially against coronaviruses such as SARS.


It is suggested by naturopaths to stimulate slow and difficult digestions and to awaken the appetite and fight intestinal fermentation.


It is useful for aromatherapists in case of chronic bronchitis and in flu forms accompanied by asthenia and to calm coughs.


Aromatic herb par excellence, We also offer it as cocktail finish in our Essentia line


Excellent for purifying the air, it keeps bacterial spread under control thanks to its antiseptic and balsamic action, used as an ingredient in sprays it eliminates mites.


In Psycho-Aromatherapy, laurel is used to help govern oneself, from one's actions to one's diet. Laurel is useful for managing impulses, for organizing the common thing, it removes annoyances and thoughts.


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