Jojoba and Geranium Oil for Face and Body

Amount: 50ml

Essential oil: 1% of Geranium


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Organic Jojoba Oil from Uruguay with 1% Geranium essential oil from Madagascar.

As a skin toner.
Geranium essential oil it is an excellent astringent and sebum-regulating and is therefore perfect for oily, mature and congested skin.

It helps to relieve dermatitis and eczema, and as it is also an antibacterial, it is effective against acne.

It tightens the skin and helps fight wrinkles.
Geranium essential oil promotes circulation, massage the points in which to reactivate the microcirculation, also useful for the treatment of cellulite if spread on the affected areas.
As an insect repellent.
Geranium essential oil is an excellent insect repellent.
It keeps mosquitoes away, apply it to hot spots on the body such as the neck and wrists, the effect lasts a couple of hours.

Use: a few drops pure or added to your trusted cream.

We use Jojoba oil as a vehicle because it is a non-oily wax that is not greasy.
Suitable for soaps


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