Galbanum Essential Oil

Ferula Galbaniflua

Perennial plant of the Apiaceae family about one meter high and very resinous.
Galbanum essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the plant's oleoresin or rubber.
Light yellowish or olive colored liquid
The scent is fresh and green, with a balsamic and woody undertone.

Amount: 4ml
Origin: Iran
Cultivation: Organic
Distilled: Iran
Internal use: Yes

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The use of Galbanum essential oil (Rubbery Ferula) it dates back to the ancient Egyptians who used it for both therapeutic and religious purposes.
It was also used as incense in many regions and in Persia in pharmaceutical products.
In modern times Galbanum is one of the main ingredients of the modern art of perfumery to obtain a "green" fragrance, it is present in very famous essences such as Vent Vert or it Chanel N.19

Disclosure Information: 

what science saysAccording to reports from the Ministry of Health, Galbanum promotes the fluidity of bronchial secretions. It also has carminative action.


Health and wellnessIn Aromatherapy it is used in case of rheumatic pains and for intestinal cramps with flatulence.
Useful to counteract fatigue and exhaustion.


Respiratory system

In Aromatherapy it is used to relieve asthma, bronchitis and cough with phlegm.


Suitable for soapsGalbanum essential oil. according to aromatherapists, it has restorative properties being extracted from the resin and rebalancing as it belongs to the shrub level.
The low note makes it persistent and deep.
diluted in carrier oil it is suggested by naturopaths as excellent for treating chilblains in synergy with the essential oil of black pepper.

Psychological effectsGalbanum essential oil facilitates the search for one's path, one's purpose in this world by showing us new paths.
Help find new solutions to old problems.
It speeds up and supports transformation and change processes.
It is a great essential oil for meditation.

«Procure: storàx, onyx, galbanum as balms and pure incense: all in equal parts. You will make with them a perfume to burn, an aromatic composition according to the art of the perfumer, salty, pure and holy (..) you will consider it a holy thing in honor of the Lord" (God says to Moses referring to the consecration of Aaron - Exodus 30 ,34-37)

Suggested uses:

  • Room diffuser: someone drops in 100 ml of water. We suggest accompanying it with other essential oils.
  • Bath tub: a few drops of essential oil emulsified in coarse salt or milk or cream or honey to put in hot water (used to prevent the oil from volatilizing due to the heat)

Warnings: Non-toxic oil, there are no cases of sensitization



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