Oil Painting - Flavored With Lemon And Black Pepper)

Flavored with: Lemon and Black Pepper
Amount: 50ml or 100ml
Origin: Santa Bianca


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We have long recommended essential oils as food flavourings, but they are not easy to use due to their intensity.
That's why we created Painting, a line of 18 flavored olive oils, organic, refined, to be used raw or after cooking, very easy to use.

The Dipinto line is composed of a blend of extra virgin olive oil obtained from 400 plants of Santa Bianca flavored with a mix of pure and natural essential oils with 100%

Dipinto N.14 contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavored with our essential oils of Lemon, Bitter Orange.

Citrus essential oils are obtained by squeezing the peels, we have ours produced between Calabria and Sicily where these plants give their best, black pepper on the other hand is distilled in a steam current, the essential oil retains all the aromas of the pepper, enhancing them to maximum power, losing the typically spicy part of the spice so as to never have to give it up.

We make a delicious artichoke risotto, this blend is amazing on both cooked and raw fish, try it on a beef tartare.

From the beginning of 2019 we can boast of EC Approval No. IT AAE 090 051, which regulates the production and use of food flavorings at Community level.

We practice a completely natural agriculture, we don't even give our plants the medicines that are allowed by the biological regulation.

Our essential oils are distilled with an ancient method that dates back to 1000 AD, we respect the times of the plant by working it for as long as necessary and allowing the essential oil obtained to mature until it is completely stable.

Our distillers are built according to the canons of the golden section, drawing on knowledge built by man over thousands of years of experience.

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50ml, 100ml


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