4 – Aromatherapy course: from disturbance to remedy (download)

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Continue our series of Aromatherapy lessons held by our scientific consultants.
Download the lesson that Doctor Fabrizio Gelmini held entitled: Aromatherapy from disturbance to remedy, this is the program:

The course will allow students to learn how to use Essential Oils, effectively and safely, to treat the most common daily problems (insomnia, inattention, contractures, nausea, abdominal swelling, small wounds, drainage, skin purification, dental hygiene) with the aromatherapy. During the course, advice will be provided for the preparation of formulations at home, for an effective aromatherapy within everyone's reach.

In detail we will address:

➡️ Essential Oils for day and night: relaxants and stimulants

➡️ Essential oils for the muscle system: decontracting and anti-inflammatory massage

➡️ Essential oils for the digestive system: nausea, difficult digestion, gastric atonia, abdominal swelling

➡️ Essential oils for the skin: scars

➡️ Body treatment and face treatment with Essential Oils: draining, detoxifying, anti-aging

➡️ Aromatherapy for oral hygiene


Doctor Fabrizio Gelmini, in addition to being our scientific consultant, is a researcher at the University of Pharmacology of Milan, Toxicologist and Pharmaceutical Chemist.

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