1 – Introduction to essential oils and aromatherapy (download)

Download the course Introduction to essential oils and aromatherapy held by Professor Fabrizio Gelmini.



We are happy to present you our first short introductory course to essential oils and aromatherapy.

Or the use and properties of essential oils.

For those who have not been able to follow either edition, we have decided to make available the recording of the course which was held by Doctor Fabrizio Gelmini, with whom we have been collaborating for years in the context of his research at the University of Milan on oils essential on July 15, 2020.
The course lasts about an hour and a half, we will learn together what Essential Oils are, their main biological activities and how to use them at home for the health of the person and the environment.

Purchase and download the video so you can also access our other advanced courses.

Dr. Fabrizio Gelmini: Environmental Toxicologist at the University of Milan with numerous international scientific publications to his credit, company scientific consultant and lecturer at the G. Galilei Academy of Natural Hygienic Sciences in Trento and at the Italian School of Phytotherapy (BS). Regional contact person for the Italian Society for Research on Essential Oils, he is professionally involved in phyto- and aromatherapy research and is a reviewer for numerous international scientific journals.

I really enjoyed taking the course


Thanks a lot and congratulations again


I attended the course last night, very nice


Thanks for everything, the course yesterday was really interesting and enlightening, I think I will continue the journey.


Good evening, I listened to the live broadcast and it was very nice to hear a prepared man who really knows what he's talking about and not hot air😊 Thank you!


Congratulations on last night's class. Really interesting. Compliments!


Another course with the Doctor will be held on 14 October Vera Sganga about theEmotional aromatherapy


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