Chakra Kit – Blend of pure essential oils

From today the Chakra Kit arrives in a silk-screened recycled cotton bag!

7 bottles of essential oil blends
Each bottle contains 8ml of pure 100% essential oils and nothing else.
The Kit contains the diffuser blends:

1 Santa Bianca screen-printed bag with zip in recycled cotton
Chakra I, Chakra II, Chakra III, Chakra IV, Chakra V, Chakra VI, Chakra VII


49 in stock


This kit was carefully designed by Benedetta aided by a doctor Ayurvedic, each essential oil used in these blends is indicated by the scriptures to create a synergy in the body and spirit worthy of the chakras interested.
The unique blends of essential oils allow you to create a balance within the chakras, promoting inner harmony.

Using the kit is simple.
Each mixture must be applied directly to the affected chakra after being diluted in a carrier oil.
This must be done when you need to release energy imbalances.
Plus, the kit is perfect for use with a diffuser during yoga and meditation (read our article on essential oils and meditation).
By diffusing the oils, you harness their powerful vibration and make it travel through space, infusing positive energy and bringing balance to the environment.

Our pure essential oils at 100% offer a simple and natural way to restore inner harmony.


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