5th Chakra

Composed of 100% from essential oil of:

  • lavender (lavandula hybrida)
  • sage flowers (salvia officinalis)
  • lemon (citrus limonum)



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Color: Sky blue
Element: Hetero
Sense: Hearing
Mantras: Sol

Vishudda, located between the throat and neck; center of communication, listening, perception and expression are located here, when this chakra is wide open it naturally leads us to weave social relationships and to grow internally.
When the chakra is closed and disharmonious we find it difficult to compare ourselves with others, to communicate our ideas and it closes us in shyness.

We created the Chakra line by creating a synergy between the essential oils indicated by the scriptures as beneficial.
All our Synergistic Blends are composed of 100% from Essential Oils only, apply it on the interested Chakra after diluting it in a carrier oil.
For the 5th Chakra we have chosen:

Lavender: It serves to rebalance the nervous system, containing excess emotionality, promoting sleep, curbing melancholy and freeing from apathy.

Sage flowers: It is recognized the power to persuade, taking vision of the entrusted task.
It calms emotions, directs thought, keeps anxiety and phobias under control, immersing the person in active serenity.

Lemon: It has the undisputed property of restoring joy, bestowing the necessary dose of optimism and will, favoring prolonged intellectual efforts. Symbol of joy, increases self-confidence. Eliminate doubts, lack of ideas and tiredness.




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