4th Chakra

Composed of 100% from essential oil of:

  • lavender (lavandula hybrida)
  • bergamot (citrus bergamia)
  • sweet orange (citrus sinensis)
  • wild fennel (foeniculum vulgare)



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Color: Green
Element: Air
Sense: Touch
Mantras: Yam

Anahata is the name of this Chakra located in the middle of the solar plexus at heart level, connected with love and giving, if healthy, allows us to love deeply, experiencing mercy and peace.
If blocked or too open it makes us unbalanced in relationships with others and disharmonious in our feelings.

We created the Chakra line by creating a synergy between the essential oils indicated by the scriptures as beneficial.
All our Synergistic Blends are composed of 100% from Essential Oils only, apply it on the interested Chakra after diluting it in a carrier oil.
For the 3rd Chakra we have chosen:

Composed of 100% by Essential Oils of:

Lavender: Symbol of virtue and serenity

Bergamot: Restores good humor and creates a healthy detachment from difficulties

Sweet Orange: Traditionally associated with the sun; expresses and inspires vitality, progressively dissolving tensions, promotes sociability.

Wild Fennel: His influence is appreciated in situations in the balance, when you need to keep your nerves, defend a position and at the same time carefully observe the evolution and the facts.





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