3rd Chakra

Composed of 100% from essential oil of:

  • lemon (citrus limonum)
  • sweet orange (citrus sinensis)
  • ginger (zingiber officinalis)
  • wild fennel (foeniculum vulgare)



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Color: Yellow

Manipura, center of the solar plexus, navel, spleen, stomach and liver, regulates our diet, our metabolism, will and personal autonomy, our dreams and our ambitions; it governs self-acceptance.
When this Chakra is blocked we experience a feeling of inadequacy, life seems disappointing and not at all satisfying.

We created the Chakra line by creating a synergy between the essential oils indicated by the scriptures as beneficial.
All our Synergistic Blends are composed of 100% from Essential Oils only, apply it on the interested Chakra after diluting it in a carrier oil.
For the 3rd Chakra we have chosen:

Lemon: It has the undisputed property of restoring joy, bestowing the necessary dose of optimism and will, favoring prolonged intellectual efforts. Symbol of joy, increases self-confidence. Eliminate doubts, lack of ideas and tiredness.

Sweet Orange: Traditionally associated with the sun; it expresses and inspires vitality, progressively dissolving tensions, promotes sociability and is considered an essential oil useful against anxiety and anti-stress.

Ginger: Symbol of irony and eloquence, it accompanies brilliant spirits, capable of stinging without hurting. It can therefore help phlegmatic, addicted, indecisive or simply lazy temperaments.

Wild Fennel: Its influence is appreciated in situations in the balance, when it is necessary to have steady nerves, defend a position and at the same time carefully observe the evolution and the facts.




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