1st Chakra

Composed of 100% from essential oil of:

  • vetiver (zizanoid vetiver)
  • frankincense (boswellia frereana)
  • yellow mandarin (citrus reticulata)
  • cinnamon (cynnamomum zeylanicum)



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Color: Red
Element: Earth
Sense: Smell
Mantras: lam

Muladhara, this is the name of the first Chakra, also called the Root Center or the Coccyx Center.
Located at the base of the spine, between the perineum and genitals, it forms our foundation.
Seat of the Divine and link between the person and the creative power of the world.
It represents the earth as an element and is connected to our survival instincts and our sense of reality.
When this Chakra is blocked, one experiences a strong apathy and a feeling of insecurity.
Connected to the sense of smell this chakra is very sensitive to perfumes.

We created the Chakra line by creating a synergy between the essential oils indicated by the scriptures as beneficial.
All our Synergistic Blends are composed of 100% from Essential Oils only, apply it on the interested Chakra after diluting it in a carrier oil.
For the 1st Chakra we have chosen:
Cinnamon: Symbol of life, creative power of life.
Closely connected to that divine spark that still lives in our bodies and that the 1st Chakra represents its seat; Cinnamon purifies, warms and illuminates; it is a powerful aphrodisiac, a vehicle for fertility and the creative capacity that pervades the world.

Incense: the Boswellia incense resin is one of the oldest perfumes that man has ever used.
Many religions still use it for their rituals.
It helps each of us to get in touch with our own spiritual essence, and rediscover the ancestral bond with the divine creator, our base precisely of which the 1st Chakra is its seat.
Incense calms the breath and is therefore a facilitator for meditation.

Vetiver: Extracted from the roots of the plant, Vetiver Essential Oil has a deep bond with the earth.
It acts as an anchor and focuses energies on one's life project. It has the power to consolidate the 1st Chakra by reinforcing and settling it. Calms and protects.

Mandarin: Mandarin deals with the inner child that each of us carries with us. It teaches us to accept ourselves, it is a symbol of peace and kindness and consoles us from a sense of emptiness and loneliness.




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