Essentia | Cedar

Quantity: 50 ml: each bottle guarantees more than 400 sprays
Origin: Sicily
Cultivation type: organic
Distilled: Sicily

Natural Flavor for Food
Distributed exclusively for Italy by SAILING and can be purchased online on our website


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Essentia Cocktail & Food Finish is a line of totally natural spray Essential Oils, designed to perfume your creations with a simple gesture.
The ingredients are organic food grade alcohol, distilled water in Santa Bianca, previously improved by exploiting the earth's magnetism and pure food grade essential oils of the highest quality.

Cedar is a fruit tree of the Rutaceae family, its knowledge is very ancient, Pliny the Elder called it "Assyrian apple".
Its origins are in Southeast Asia.
It also grows wild in many Indian localities.
Mainly grown in Calabria, ours comes from Diamante, but is worked in Sicily.
The essential oil is obtained by cold pressing of the thick, wrinkled and lumpy peel.
Its scent is sweet, floral, citrus.

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