jojoba oil for face and body with our essential oils

We are the first to want to be satisfied with our products.
Our essential oils diluted in Jojoba are never missing in our homes!

Why jojoba?

Jojoba is a wax very similar to human sebum and penetrates the skin very quickly, carrying essential oils with it.

4 essences

We have diluted our 4 most precious and beneficial essential oils for the skin in Jojoba. Rose, Geranium from Madagascar, Helichrysum and Neroli (Orange Blossom)

for the face

Jojoba oil moisturizes, repairs and relaxes, while the essential oils make it fragrant and irresistible, each with its own aromatic notes, each with its own properties.

For the body

Jojoba oil is fantastic for stretch marks, scars, hydrates, repairs and protects, essential oils, each with its own properties give a wonderful scent to your daily beauty routine.




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