essentia food and cocktail finish

what a better garnish than an emotion?

more than fifty flavors to perfume your creations

Perfuming your cocktails or dishes is the way to take them to a more advanced level of enjoyment of taste, here's why.

increases the perception of flavors

When it comes to flavour, the sense of smell plays a fundamental role in the perception of taste. In fact, research has indicated that the olfactory senses can influence our perception of taste up to 80%.

Play with emotions

Not only does perfume influence our perception of taste, it can also evoke memories or sensations in the same way as aromatherapy.
What better decoration to your work than your guest's emotion?

a unique and safe way to flavour

Essentia allows you to experiment with different flavors and combinations that you would never otherwise consider creating mixes that can tantalize the palate in entirely new ways.
Furthermore, they are completely natural, free from artificial substances or additives.

Did you know that the cold inhibits perfumes?

That's right, below 10°C the aromas of food and drinks are increasingly inhibited until they become completely imperceptible, would you ever remove its scent from a pizza?
Don't do that with your drinks!

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