Saffron ice cream and Santa Bianca rose water

The ice cream shop De Coltelli it is an absolute Tuscan excellence which once again this year was awarded the three cones of the Gambero Rosso, the equivalent of the three Michelin stars.

With the ice cream maker Gianfrancesco Cutelli we have had a fruitful collaboration for a few years and you will soon see the fruit, in the meantime we are happy to share with you the recipe of his delicious Saffron ice cream scented with our Rose water.


2h + rest min




790 grams of fresh milk
136 grams of sucrose
60 grams of dextrose
(in the absence of these two sugars, replace with 200g of normal sugar)
13 grams of fresh egg yolk (about 1)
3 grams of carob seed flour
0.2 grams of saffron in stigmas
1 gram of sea salt
20ml of Rose water Santa Bianca


Heat the milk with the fresh yolk, when it reaches 40° add the sugars, carob seed flour and salt.

After mixing well, bring the mixture to 85° (so you will have pasteurized everything).

Let it cool down to about 60° and add the saffron stigmas, stirring slowly and, once it reaches room temperature, add the rose water, after mixing the mixture, leave it to rest in the fridge for 36 hours.

After the rest, cream in the ice cream maker.

Try serving your ice cream with a spray or two of Essentia | Damask rose



Gianfrancesco Cutelli (Ice Cream Parlor of Knives – Pisa)



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