what is liquor n.4?

Liqueur N.4 is a delicious homemade mandarin flavored cordial that cannot be missing from the collection of those who love quality liqueurs.

This liqueur is made with our high quality essential oils, which give the product a unique and intense aroma.

In particular, it is possible to perceive the fresh and citrus notes of mandarin, together with the spicy aromas of cloves and myrtle flowers.

This original taste makes Liqueur N.4 an ideal product to be enjoyed after meals or to be used to create special cocktails.


Sip it ice cold

Our Liqueur N.4 is perfect to be enjoyed iced as an after-meal.

You can also add a squeeze of lemon juice for a fruity, refreshing twist. Try it with a slice of orange or a piece of dark chocolate for an even more unique taste experience.


Make a cocktail

If you are a cocktail aficionado, our Liqueur N.4 can add a special touch.

It can replace the triple sec in the preparation of margaritas, or use it to create your own variation of the classic whiskey sour.

Try it also in a sparkling wine-based cocktail for a touch of effervescence.


With tonic water

If you want something fresh and light, try adding our Liqueur N.4 to tonic water.

You can also add a splash of Essentia | Limes or one Essentia Blend | No.4 for an extra scented freshness.

It is a great alternative to the classic gin and tonic.

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