How to flavor butter with essential oils, an example.

Adding intense flavors to butter can elevate a meal from ordinary to extraordinary.

It's snack time in Santa Bianca. A slice of Montegemoli bread, jam and flavored butter…

Preparing flavored butter is easy and allows you to take your dishes to the next level.

Together with the chef Roberto Abbadati let's give you an example, we combined lemon thyme essential oil with butter and apricot jam.

With our essential oils you can create a delicious spreadable cream, perfect for garnishing bread or other baked goods, our catalog of essences includes many alternatives that will make every dish fantastic!


10 mins




Apricot jam
250g ointment butter, mixed with 2 drops of lemon thyme
slices of bread, lightly toasted


spread the slices of bread with a thin layer of butter, then place the jam on top and spread this too (the remaining butter, wrap it in baking paper and keep it in the fridge)




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