Essential oils for the face

Not all essential oils they are suitable for application on the face, but with the right combinations and dosages truly surprising results are achieved

The skin of the face is very delicate and very exposed and therefore requires good protection and hydration.

Furthermore, it is precisely on our face that we notice tiredness, the passage of time and worries that aromatherapy can help us counteract and lighten.

Essential oils must never be applied pure on the face but always conveyed with vegetable oil, aloe gel or neutral cream. Vegetable oil is certainly the best carrier and among the various vegetable oils the most suitable are argan oil, jojoba oil and rosehip oil.

The dilutions to be used are very low, between 0.5% and 1.5% which means that from 10 to 30 total drops of essential oils can be used on 100 ml of vegetable carrier oil.

For the essential oils First of all, we need to distinguish between young skin and mature skin.

  • For young skin essential oils are very good geranium, neroli and palmarosa, while for mature skin we can use essential oils distilled from woods, such as sandalwood, and from resins, such as incense and myrrh.
  • In case of dry skin, which flakes and reddens easily we can use, in synergy with sandalwood, thecarrot essential oil. Carrot essential oil is mainly used for very mature, sun-damaged skin. It is a regenerator, slows down the aging processes and has a tonic, antioxidant and tanning effect. It also has a slight lightening effect on skin blemishes
  • For asphyxiated skin the synergy is excellent ylang-ylang and geranium. Geranium essential oil is delicate, anti-inflammatory, healing, purifying and astringent. It is very easy to mix with other essential oils
  • In case of combination skin sebum-regulating essential oils such as rosemary or patchouli can be used
  • For oily skin, contrary to what is sometimes thought, it is necessary to use essential oils, but first and foremost very delicate cleansing products otherwise you risk moving to a level of inflammation. The oils indicated on this skin type are Palmarosa and Geranium in the morning and Rosemary and incense in the evening. Palmaros essential oil regulates sebaceous secretions delicately and is good for daily skin care. It has a good moisturizing effect
  • Finally for Couperose Sandalwood, Jasmine, Neroli and blue Chamomile work very well

A good anti-aging solution for more mature skin can be formulated like this

10 ml of rosehip ovum

10 ml of argan ov

10 ml of jojoba ov

5 drops of incense oil

3 drops of neroli oil

3 drops of myrrh tea

When we use essential oils on our face we can transform an aesthetic and physical treatment into something deeper, something capable of communicating with our emotions, rebalancing them and bringing harmony and well-being.

Essential oils for the face
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