The Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is an ancient healing practice that has its roots in Egypt, China and India.

It has been used for centuries to improve physical and mental well-being using the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Using these natural plant essence oils can help reduce stress, relieve pain, improve mood, clear congestion, and promote relaxation.

In this post we will explore the uses of essential oils that man has handed down over the centuries.


Smell the essential oil in the form of ambient perfume it is one of the simplest ways to appreciate its properties.

In addition to the pleasantness of the perfume released into the air, the essential oil used in the diffuser can help with many common ailments, both physical and emotional. (For go into detail)

Any essential oil can be used through a diffuser ultrasonic: you just need to add the essential oils (a few drops) to the water in the diffuser tank.


Massage is the oldest form of physical therapy whose origin is rooted in the great civilizations of the past, as demonstrated by the etymology of the word itself, deriving from the Greek massein, or "kneading", "modelling" but also from Arabic masseur, i.e. "to crumple", "to compress with the hands".
This therapeutic practice is used for relieve pains and relax the muscles by removing the fatigue.

The massage with some essential oils is indicated for fight stress, to relieve rheumatic or joint painto solve problems related torespiratory system, especially in the cold season. There amount of already diluted oil to be applied to the part to be treated it shouldn't be excessive: it is important to massage carefully so that the oil penetrates the skin well.

Go tocomplete list of our essential oils for massages.

Together with room diffuser, the aromatic bath is the simplest treatment to use essential oils.
After filling the bathtub with hot water, soak a handful of bath salt (or normal coarse kitchen salt) with the essential oil or with the mixture of oils you want to use: 

As essential oils are very volatile, it is good to pour them into the water just before diving and mix well.

Then immerse yourself in the tub for at least fifteen minutes, breathing deeply.

It is recommended to keep door and window of the bathroom closed, in order to keep the air warm and perfumed.
The aromatic bath was practiced to solve problems such asinsomnia, i muscle aches, i circulatory disorders, The flu states or to dissolve the voltage and it stress.
For a partial bath, such as a footbath, a few drops of essential oil are enough; the procedure is the same: dissolve the essential oil in a handful of salt and pour into a basin previously filled with hot water.
Recommended essential oils for the care of tired legs and feet are lavenderrosemary And thyme.



The fumigation are the ideal solution for the cooling ailments.

It is necessary for the preparation of fumigations fill a bowl or a bowl of boiling water, adding a few drops of a mix of essential oils of your choice; as for the aromatic bath it is recommended to dilute the oils just before starting the fumigation, otherwise you risk making them evaporate.

Then bring your head close to the water e cover yourself with a towel so as to retain the steam; breathe long and deep, holding closed the eyes and mouth.

And for a good cup of tea or herbal tea?

Try adding a drop of your favorite essential oil to honey and enjoy the invigorating aroma of your hot drink.

Wraps are a particularly effective treatment for some specific ailments.

For the preparation of a compress with essential oils is necessary fill a bowl with water mixed with very few drops of the essential oil you intend to use; soak a bandage, a gauze or cotton cloth the size of the part to be treated; to apply the compress, slightly squeezed, on the affected part and compress with a towel. 

It is recommended to use warm water and not hot to prevent the essential oil from volatilizing.

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