Learn to use your sense of smell

Discover the power of your nose!

Smell is a powerful but often overlooked tool that helps you navigate the world around you.

Even if we don't think about it much, smell can help us identify and recognize people and places, spot dangers, and even improve our mood. 

Let's take a closer look at how you can use your sense of smell to have more control over your life.

When we breathe, the molecules that carry odors activate receptors located in the nasal cavity; these receptors transmit impulses to the nerves that quickly reach the olfactory bulbs located in the brain and connected with the limbic system, or the site of memory, emotion, mood, and sexual arousal.

The presence of extensive connections between the olfactory system and the limbic system may explain the incredible ability of smells to awaken distant memories: sometimes a particular aroma or perfume that can be associated with a past experience is enough to bring to mind an entire world.

How the human sense of smell works

The human nose is made up of millions of tiny receptors that pick up the various scents in the air. These signals are then sent to the brain which quickly identifies the smell and helps us interpret it.

Smell is closely linked to memory, so certain smells can trigger memories from long ago or evoke strong emotions like joy or fear.

It is also believed that humans have an innate ability to detect danger through smell; for example, many animals have evolved a special organ that allows them to detect pheromones, which signal potential threats in their environment.

The human sense of smell can currently recognize more than trillion flavors, even if it is decidedly much less developed than that of our ancestors: in ancient times this sense was much more efficient because it was of vital importance, for example, for hunting and for perceiving dangers.
The first evidence of how the aromas were exploited in the most disparate fields: from religious rites, to ceremonies, to convivial moments and also for therapeutic purposes.

let's train our sense of smell with essential oils

You can sharpen and expand your sense of smell by exploring different smells, both familiar and unfamiliar.

Start dedicating a few minutes a day to explore the smells around you: flowers, cooking food, freshly cut grass, etc.

Try to identify what each scent reminds you of or how it makes you feel.

Start collecting essential oils and learning about aromatherapy. These natural oils have powerful scents that can be used for healing purposes, but also for relaxation and stress relief.

Not only will these activities help you train your nose, they'll open up a whole new world for you to explore!

Use perfume in a practical way

Your nose doesn't just have to be used for pleasure - there are plenty of practical uses too!

For example, some perfumes can act as natural pest repellents; If you have problems with bugs in your home, try using essential oils like lavender or peppermint around entryways or windowsills.

If you tend to forget things easily, try using markers or sticky notes with a unique scent: when you find the same scent again, your brain will remember what you wrote!

Finally, if you're looking for a way to combat stress, turn on an aroma diffuser in your home with calming essential oils such as Medicinal Lavender or Melissa: they not only make any room more welcoming, but also create a relaxing atmosphere that can help to reduce anxiety levels naturally.

But can perfumes really cure?

There is no single scientific answer, however according to the most accredited aromatherapists some substances would be able to cure common physical and emotional ailments. To cite a few examples: to quell a headache or to calm a state of irritability it may be useful to inhale essential oil Of mint; against cooling symptoms or to infuse peace the essential oil of stone pine. In any case, we recommend that you experience the efficacy and power of your sense of smell directly on yourself.





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