the essential oils

What are Essential Oils? how are they used? and how to choose them?

Often the information that can be found online is scarce and vague, not to mention completely wrong.

We have put together a few questions and as many answers and we hope to be able to clarify at least our work.

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what are essential oils?

The European Pharmacopoeia is very clear when describing essential oils and their extraction.

we are very careful to respect good distillation practices. 

The essential oils they are extracts (roots, flowers, leaves, bark, wood, fruit peel or resin) of plants and trees, obtained by steam distillation or by pressing the peels (in the case of citrus fruits).
To be considered such, they must not undergo any type of adulteration but must be sold as they come out of the distiller.

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How are essential oils extracted?

Essential oils are generally obtained by a steam distillation process, we use an ancient method dating back more than a thousand years ago (find out more here)
The process, however, starts much earlier, i.e. from cultivation method (learn more about the white santa method here).
We cultivate by practicing natural agriculture without any type of medicine, including those admitted by the organic label (which we have), because making plants live in a wild environment making them encounter all the difficulties that essential oil can cope with means making them develop all properties necessary for a high quality product.

what are essential oils used for?

Plants do not produce oils for humans, but to respond to specific needs such as defending themselves from parasites, bacteria, viruses and insects, or attracting pollinators or even establishing a sort of "dialogue" with higher animals (including humans) secreting certain substances that can affect the central nervous system, repair wounds and heal them and many other things that science has not yet discovered.

Through the observation of this behavior and the use of essential oils by plants, over thousands of years man has learned to transfer these benefits onto himself.

If you want to deepen your knowledge, visit the sections “aromatherapy courses” here on our site, you will find what you are looking for!

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Why buy Santa Bianca essential oils?

In Santa Bianca, in addition to cultivating the plants in a natural, semi-wild environment, we distill small quantities of vegetables at a time (maximum 100/150Kg) this allows us to use distillers built in the golden section, we also distill for all the hours necessary to obtain only the light molecules but also the heavier ones, which need a lot of thermal energy to be extracted.
Our distillates last on average 6/7 hours even if some can last up to three days.
We let the oils mature for a minimum period of 6 months, in some cases even for two years.
In short, the complete opposite of an industrial product.

What essential oils do we produce in Santa Bianca?

We are in Pomarance, a small village in the province of Pisa, where we can cultivate and distill all the Mediterranean scrub; we also do a lot of spontaneous collection of the plants that surround us.
Some plants, which for climatic reasons do not grow in our area, can be purchased in their places of origin and distilled here.
Some essential oils are produced abroad, we have created a small network of artisans like us with whom we share passion and working method and with whom we exchange products and knowledge.

Are Santa Bianca essential oils safe?

We carry out all the analyzes necessary to guarantee the safety of our oils at the University of Pharmacology of Milan.
From the beginning of 2019 we can boast of EC Approval No. IT AAE 090 051, which regulates the production and use of food flavorings at Community level.

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“Nature is the cause and cure of disease.”
Alchemist and pioneer of spagyric medicine (1493-1541)



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