Chocolate drink scented with Cardamom essential oil

chocolate and cardamom

The days are getting shorter and temperatures are dropping, what's better than a nice cup of chocolate? Today for the #ricettessenziale chef Roberto Abbadati teaches you how to make a chocolate drink flavored with Cardamom Essential Oil. Video: Marco Waldis.

Signature Cocktail Recipes: Rise after wedding by Morris Maramaldi

Morris Mau was part of the team at the Dude Club first and then at SoulMath, the two Geronimo venues, he saw Essentia grow by using them behind the counter and coming with us to almost all the trade fairs in the hospitality world. Today he shares this recipe with us, a reinterpretation of the classic Old Fashioned with liqueur […]

Signature Cocktail Recipes: Autumn Swing by Guillermo Pittalunga

Autumn Swing is a drink created by Guillermo Pittalunga inspired by the old fashioned and flavored with our Essentia | Green Mandarin. We met Guillermo and I at the Berlin Convent and immediately hit it off. We can't wait to start traveling again so we can continue meeting interesting people like him.  

Signature Cocktail Recipes: Three Dots Martini by Fabio Spinelli

Fabio Spinelli is one of the first bartenders to have appreciated our Essentia essential oil sprays, he saw the birth of the project and helped us develop it with advice and criticism. This is why we are very happy to present the new Essentia Blend | with one of his recipes Sea air. Enjoy the […]

Signature Cocktail Recipes: ViviMargarita by Enrico Gonzato

Enrico Gonzato is the Global Brand Ambassador of Essentia Food & Cocktail Finish, our line of food fragrances, and currently working at the Lobster Bar in Hong Kong. We are happy that he wanted to share with us his delicious ViviMargarita flavored with our Cedar Wood

Signature Cocktail Recipes: Ernesto Cup by Andrea Paci

essential oils cocktails

Andrea Paci has a beautiful restaurant on Lake Como where he serves this very fragrant cocktail made with our Vetiver Essential Oil which he describes as follows: Cynar against the wear and tear of modern life, Vetiver to combat stress, antioxidant karkadè and sweet notes of vanilla... Go to find him at Scalo Craft Drinks by the Lake […]

Cocoa pudding and bitter orange essential oil

We offer you a very simple recipe for a little laborious and very good pudding, approved by our granddaughter Anita since she was 3 years old. Cocoa and bitter orange go together very well, if you then use a very good essential oil like ours the union is fantastic!




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